Hospital Engagement Network Fact Sheet for NH Hospitals



The Foundation for Healthy Communities was chosen to continue its quality and patient safety improvement efforts in 2016 through the Partnership for Patients, Hospital Engagement Network 2.0, and has commitments from all 26 hospitals to continue their focus on preventing readmissions and adverse events causing patient harm – the only state in the country with 100% of its acute care hospitals participating in this important work.

Through the Partnership for Patients initiative – a nationwide public-private collaboration that began in 2011 to reduce preventable hospital-acquired conditions by 40 percent and 30-day readmissions by 20 percent – New Hampshire hospitals are participating in a second round of Hospital Engagement Networks to continue working to improve patient care in the hospital setting.  The Partnership for Patients and the Hospital Engagement Networks are one part of an overall framework established by the Affordable Care Act to deliver better care, spend dollars more wisely, and improve care.



FHC and HRET will provide extensive resources atno cost to reduce harm and readmissions in your facility.  Financial support will be provided to support data collection. In-person meetings will be offered, although the majority of content and training will be by web seminars and teleconferences.  Resources include:

  • Three levels of topic-specific improvement activity: 1) stand-alone web seminars (60-90 minutes), 2) fellowships (8 months) and collaboratives (12-15 months)
  • Monthly coaching calls & monthly affinity group calls
  • Simple topic-specific interventions of proven impact with  topic-specific guides, toolkits, guidelines and checklists plus ongoing access to subject matter experts in all 10 areas
  • Data collection and progress monitoring support:
    • selection of measures that minimize data collection burden and
    • support of multiple data entry modalities direct, (through FHC, NHSN, etc.)
  • Performance Progress Reports:
    • monthly to hospital units and quarterly to hospital leadership
  • Dedicated Program Web site where all calls, web seminars & written material will be archived

Hospital Requirements

  • Complete short Needs Assessment, on line (due February 17)
  • Attend the Foundation for Healthy CommunitiesKick-off Meeting (~mid -April)
  • Assist in identifying priorities for state activity
  • Identify Project Team Leads and team members appropriate to topic, when identified (or earlier if you have existing teams)
  • Submit monthly data,  typically 1 process and 1 outcome measure per  topic being worked on
  • Consider potential staff to attend fellowship program 
  • Participate in one or more national collaborative 

Staff Time Commitment

We strongly believe that NH hospitals are already engaged in improvement work in many of these areas. We will create a state work plan, based upon results from the hospital assessments and determine priorities with you.  The CEO and Governance Board of every hospital in NH signed on to the Eliminate Harm Initiative. We will use resources from the Partnership for Patients to build upon the platform that has already been created. The teams you have already put together should be able to continue this work, without feeling additional burdens. Many of the data points are already being collected in NH so can be provided thru current collection methodology.  The FHC will make every attempt to ensure we are coordinating various initiatives and streamline activity to ensure staff time is being used efficiently and effectively.