The Foundation for Healthy Communities (FHC) is a non-profit organization that works statewide to improve health and healthcare through innovative partnerships with both individuals and organizations.  Founded in 1968 as an education and research organization for the New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA), we were reorganized in 1995 to meet the needs of a changing health care system. We’re led by a board of directors with a broad range of expertise which guides its strategic and programmatic efforts.  

Today, we are a partnership between New Hampshire hospitals, health plans, home care agencies, community organization and other healthcare stakeholders focusing on quality of care, access to health services, and prevention as the major priorities of work, aligning with the Foundation’s mission of improving total population health for all communities. 

In our work with partners statewide, our objectives are to improve total population health by promoting innovative, high value quality practices within organizations and communities; to lead change strategies that educate, create and sustain healthier communities and make the healthy choice the easy choice; and to promote access to affordable health care and resources that support the well-being of all people.

One of our strengths is to engage and lead diverse partners in new forms of collaboration, and we serve as the catalyst and backbone for our various initiatives, assisting those partners in collaborations that elevate their collective impact. In addition, we have the benefit of facilitating program integration for the benefit of the communities served by housing its diverse group of programs and staff in one location, streamlining processes, and opening pathways for collaborations.  As an affiliation of the New Hampshire Hospital Association, we’re strategically linked to the hospitals and health systems in the state which we leverage to help them improve patient safety and quality of care.

To promote a healthier state, we have focused on health prevention and education, access to affordable health care as well as insurance coverage, patient safety and quality improvement initiatives, patient and family engagement strategies, health equity and health disparities of care, emergency preparedness and response, behavioral health and the opioid crisis, among many other areas of priority. 


Learn more about the benefits of partnering with the Foundation for Healthy Communities, download our membership brochure or contact Peter Ames, Executive Director, at or by phone at (603) 415-4270.