An initiative to help low-income persons access needed medications from pharmaceutical companies.

Eligibility Guidelines

Every major pharmaceutical company has a Patient Assistance Program that offers many of its medications free or at a reduced cost to eligible individuals. Eligibility requirements include:

  • The patient must be a U.S. resident. 
  • The patient must not be eligible for any other type of prescription coverage for that particular medication- including: Medicaid, VA, private insurance, etc.
  • Household income generally must be less than 200% of poverty level, though this varies by company. 
  • Only long-term medications are covered. 

Background Information:

The N.H. Medication Bridge Program is a private-public partnership of many organizations under the leadership of the Foundation for Healthy Communities. The goal of the program is to help eligible uninsured and underinsured patients of all ages to receive needed prescription medications from pharmaceutical companies’ Patient Assistance Programs.

We currently work with forty-seven sites across NH that assist people in accessing these medications. Our sites include hospitals, community health centers, physician offices, senior housing, ServiceLink, and non-profit organizations. Since January 2001, we have provided over 1 million prescriptions valued at $275 million for over 16,000 individuals throughout the state.

What is the Role of Medication Bridge?

  • To provide a communication link among all of the Medication Bridge sites in New Hampshire. Members are also invited to attend regular network meetings where they can exchange information and ideas and hear presentations on new programs.
  • To act as a resource center to provide information on all programs available to NH residents that provide assistance with prescription medications. Since the advent of Medicare Part D and the large retail generic drug market, our Medication Bridge sites have become vital links in assisting low-income families to sort through the various complex resources for prescription assistance.
  • To publicize the availability of the Patient Assistance Programs. Medication Bridge has published, updated, and distributed over 25,000 copies of the brochure “NH Prescription Assistance Guide” to targeted agencies throughout the state. This brochure lists the NH Medication Bridge sites, as well as our website search tool where individuals can look up programs for their medications. In addition, presentations are given throughout the year to notify both consumers and service providers of the availability of the pharmaceutical programs.

For more information on NH Medication Bridge Program, contact the Foundation for Healthy Communities at (603) 225-0900.